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Our History

A young Accountant, Jonathan Thomas-Shorter founded St. Monica's College 50 years ago. The original name was St. Monica's Academy. He had another dream and that was to open a school in Ocho Rios. In 1981, he opened St. Monica's College at 68 Main St, Ocho Rios, and St Ann. The same year another school opened its doors; this was the Fitz Henley Institute, Milford Rd, St Ann. The community welcomed both schools because there were no commercial schools in the area. The first principal appointed was Mr. Caroll Douglas. For the next seven years the school enjoyed very good attendance of both male and female students. During that period the school taught English Language, Business Mathematics, Commerce, Typewriting, Accounts, Office Procedures and Shorthand. The students were then able to sit the Pitman and R.S.A and G.C.E.Examinations.

Due to blindness Mr. Thomas-Shorter was unable travel on a weekly basis to Ocho Rios. His daughter Guadalope Thomas-Shorter is now the new Principal. In the 90's the students were being prepared to sit the CXC examinations. The passes were very good. Miss Thomas-Shorter realized that an evening division was needed and hence the introduction of the Hotel Receptionist Course. After preparation these students they were sent to various hotels to do their work experience. Other courses were also introduced namely, Telephone Operating, Room Attendant Skills, Waiter/Waitress Skills, Night Auditing, Tour Guiding, Travel Agent Skills and Electronic Cashiering and hotel managements courses.

In the late 90's the school realized that the students now needed computer skills along with their other skills. In 1997, St. Monica's College Super course Package was created offering Receptionist, Telephone Operating, Office Procedures and Computer Studies for 3 months. Later, students could combine other courses with Computer Skills.

Short hotel courses were also offered in Kingston, Portland, and Montego Bay. We have trained thousands of students' islandwide. We also now over CXC evening classes in English Language, Mathematics, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business and Office Procedures. We encourage our students to upgrade themselves in order to be more marketable. Our present location is 134 Main St, Pineapple, Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

Our Mission

The mission of St.Monica's College is to provide at its highest standard, educational opportunities for women and men of all ages and background, who are desirable of career advancement. This mission will be accomplished by:

1 Managing and administrating with professionalism and expertise.
2 Providing a solid curriculum.
3 Recruiting and retaining high quality staff.
4 Providing excellent learning and teaching facilities.
5 Applying knowledge to help individual lead productive lives.
6 Using technology to enhance teaching.

The college is committed to continuous contribution to local communities, society and to the economy by identifying training needs and responding to these needs. This will be done by providing programs, which prepare individuals of high caliber for immediate employment after graduation.


Hospitality Courses:

Front Office Operations And Computer Studies:

Receptionist/Telephone Operating and Computer Studies
Days: Mon - Fri
Duration: 3 Months
Time: 3-5pm
Cost: $20,500.00
Uniform: White Blouse, Burgundy Vest and Grey Skirt

House Keeping:

Room Attendant Skills
Days: Mon, Tues and Fri
Duration: 6 Weeks
Time: 3-5pm
Cost: $16,750.00

Food And Beverage Service; Dining Room and Bartending Techniques:

Days: Mon, Wed and Fri
Duration: 6 Weeks
Cost: $17,100.00

Food Preparation:

Days: Saturdays Only
Duration: 8 Weeks
Time: 10am - 2pm
Cost: $21,800.00
Also Pastry Classes: Saturdays only 11am-1pm
Duration: 4 Weeks
Cost: call for price

Computer Courses:

The Beginner's Course:

Learn Introduction to Coputing: Hardware and Software, Word, Excel and Database
Days: Tues, Wed, or Fri Only
Duration: 8 Weeks
Time: 10am - 1pm
Cost: $10,000.00

CXC Information Technology:

Days: Saturdays Only
Duration: 1 school year
Time: 10am - 1pm
Cost: $15,000.00

Introduction to Graphics Designing:

Days: Can Be Scheduled
Duration: 8 Weeks
Time: -
Cost: $12,000.00

Computer Repairs:

Days: Can Be Scheduled
Duration: 8 Weeks
Time: -
Cost: $20,000.00

Web Design:

Days: Can Be Scheduled
Duration: 8 Weeks
Time: -
Cost: $20,000.00

Day And Evening Classes:

CXC General (Evening):

Accounts: Mondays $10,000
Office Administration: Tuesdays $10,000
English: Wednesday $10,000
Mathematics: Thursday $10,000
Human and Social Biology $10,000
Biology: Fridays $10,000
Physics: Tuesdays $10,000
Chemistry: $10,000
Social Studies $10,000
Principles of Business $10,000


1 YEAR DIPLOMA COURSE: Business Studies
Office Administration
Principles of Business

CAPE Subjects (Evening):

$25,000 per subject if done single; Accounts, Communication Studies, Caribbean Studies Managment of Business

Vocational Courses:


Hair, Nail and Skin care
Cost: $24,500.00 (inclusive of product)
Days: Mondays to Thursdays
Time: 10AM - 12PM
Duration: 2 Months
UNIFORM: Navy blue and white top, navy blue pants or skirt

Introduction to Electrical Installation:

General course outline: Theory:
Electrical energy and its measurement DC and AC energy source & applications Circuits and controls Materials and tool
Reading drawings and designing circuits Stringing circuit Identifying material and Using tools Trouble shooting and analysing problems Duration - 8 weeks two days per week Cost: $27,500.00


Course Objective: To create functionally aware employees for the global hospitality and shipping industry
Course content Duration of course: 16 hrs (4 hrs each Session) Cost: $22,800.00 per participant


lot 17, 80 A Main St. Ocho Rios, P.O. (Chuck's Plaza)

+876 974 1434



Contact Information

lot 17, 80 A Main St. Ocho Rios, P.O. (Chuck's Plaza)
+876 974 1434
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